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Greenwashing is more than just dishonest product labels — it’s successfully marketing consumerism as a solution to over-consumption.

**Originally published on Life Lived Curiously

We, as a society with the aid of technology, have “advanced” to a time where comfort and convenience take priority. It’s simply unfathomable to think of…

All applicants want is helpful feedback, respect, and to not re-enter their already uploaded resume onto your website.

Photo by from Pexels

Dear Potential Employers,

Here’s the deal: no one likes applying for jobs. The vicious cycle of searching, writing cover letters, answering generic questions, and waiting to hear something back can last for…

Weddings are taking over social media by storm… well, actually it’s the other way around.

Midsection of Woman Making Heart Shape With Hands. Photo: Pixabay via pexels/CC BY 2.0

Weddings are supposed to be the most special and memorable day of one’s whole life…. right? At least they used to be. Now, we don’t even get a chance to remember them for ourselves. …

Will we ever know what the best use of our time really is?

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Time is a fascinating idea. It is infinite, yet limited. It can crawl like a turtle, or race like a hare. It is scientific, but human-made in its perception. …

They restrict access to resources for those that need them the most — starkly in contrast with the core values of public libraries.

Library Book Texture. Photo: Calsidyrose via flickr/CC BY 2.0

The effectiveness and necessity of overdue fines at public libraries has been a hot topic of debate recently in the library world. A growing number of libraries…

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Dear Humanity,

I am angry. I have so much anger built up inside of me that it is just seeping through the seams of my soul. I am disappointed. I am saddened. We all should be.

We humans have walked this earth for thousands of years and we still choose…

These venerable institutions are far more than a musty collection of books — they’re now everything from recording studios to nightlife hotspots

An exterior shot of the Seattle public library building.
The Seattle Public Library. Photo: N i c o l a via flickr/CC BY 2.0

Some may be tempted to think the humble public library is going extinct. I beg to differ. Throughout history, this incredible institution has constantly evolved to keep up with the times. Before they were public, they were exclusively membership-based. Before there were online catalogs, there were card catalogs. …

Although travel is sometimes stressful, it’s always a relief to finally arrive at a hotel and know everything is taken care of. Clean sheets and towels, Wifi, air conditioning, cable TV, breakfast — all components that provide us comfort while away from home.

Growing up far away from big cities…

Liz B.

Examining life and all its wonders. Self-reliance, sustainability, resiliency, and questioning societal norms are my things.

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